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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 7.0.3
  • 6.2.4


    - Added handling for disenchanting WoD/Legion items with a low Enchanting level
    - Added readme
    - Fixed sometimes choosing small stacks over large ones
    This is an ancient problem in Breakables where the merging mechanism was always combining the same breakable into a single entry in its internal array and disregarding what bag and slot each stack was in. If we retain the position of the largest stack, then Breakables can always pick the proper larger stack to break no matter what order they appear in bags. This won't help the case where a single stack is spread into stacks where no single stack is large enough to break, but the WoW client has built-in bag compression now, so that should be less of a concern.
    - Fixed sometimes choosing invalid items to break
    When the player had items where one was a substring of the other ("Whiptail" vs "Whiptail Stem", for example), the game client would sometimes pick the wrong one to break. In the Whiptail case, this meant the game could attempt to cast Mill on a Whiptail Stem if it appeared first in the player's bags, which doesn't work. All we can do with the target-item attribute is supply a name, so it's not really our fault that the game makes this decision, but we can work around it by using target-bag and target-slot instead of target-item where we can be explicit about what we're trying to break.
    - Different method of determining if a Mass Mill spell is known

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