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2016-10-05  Ghezzo  <Ghezzo>

[c475c07cc052] [tip]
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Added tag for changeset 84b03a9cf165

[84b03a9cf165] []
* main.lua

Fixed boss order in second wing

2016-09-28  Ghezzo  <Ghezzo>

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Added tag for changeset 18fe2a48aaa2

[18fe2a48aaa2] []
* BossesKilled.toc main.lua

Updated boss order for first wing

2016-07-25  Ghezzo  <Ghezzo>

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Added tag v1.4.5 for changeset 8cd3c3c4b5e1

[8cd3c3c4b5e1] [v1.4.5]
* BossesKilled.toc raid_data.lua

Added Emerald Dream and Nighthold raid data

2016-07-20  Ghezzo  <Ghezzo>

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Added tag v1.4.4 for changeset 93e56878098c

[93e56878098c] [v1.4.4]
* BossesKilled.toc

Bumped version and toc, no new raid data yet.

2016-04-11  Ghezzo  <Ghezzo>

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Added tag v1.4.3 for changeset 25f6fa2c6f69

2015-08-20  Ghezzo  <Ghezzo>

[25f6fa2c6f69] [v1.4.3]
* BossesKilled.toc main.lua

Slightly changed boss order in wing 4.

2015-07-29  Ghezzo  <Ghezzo>

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Added tag v1.4.2 for changeset e8ae958ed666

[e8ae958ed666] [v1.4.2]
* BossesKilled.toc main.lua

Fixed boss order for wing 3 and (hopefully) 4

2015-07-13  Ghezzo  <Ghezzo>

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Added tag v1.4.1.1 for changeset 4f93b96ad3e3

[4f93b96ad3e3] [v1.4.1.1]
* BossesKilled.toc raid_data.lua

Actually add the raid data this time..

* .hgtags:

Added tag v1.4.1 for changeset 385fc04a5c42

[385fc04a5c42] [v1.4.1]
* BossesKilled.toc

Bumped version
Added all LFR wings (bosses might not be in the right order)

2015-06-30  Ghezzo  <Ghezzo>

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Added tag v1.3.7 for changeset 51a280b1190b

[51a280b1190b] [v1.3.7]
* BossesKilled.toc raid_data.lua

Added HFC LFR wing 1, Hellbreach
Bumped version

2015-06-24  Ghezzo  <Ghezzo>

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Added tag v1.3.6.1 for changeset de979de44bb3

[de979de44bb3] [v1.3.6.1]
* BossesKilled.toc main.lua raid_data.lua

Bumped TOC

2015-03-08  Ghezzo <Ghezzo>  <Ghezzo>

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Added tag v1.3.6 for changeset fa8afe06d5b3

[fa8afe06d5b3] [v1.3.6]
* BossesKilled.toc main.lua

Font color changed

2015-03-07  Ghezzo  <ghezzox@gmail.com>

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Added tag v1.3.5 for changeset 1c97e9f60c2b

[1c97e9f60c2b] [v1.3.5]
* BossesKilled.toc main.lua raid_data.lua

Fixed boss order, bump TOC

2015-03-05  wT  <wT>

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Added tag v1.3.4 for changeset 60fe63f9ab54

2015-02-18  wT  <wT>

[60fe63f9ab54] [v1.3.4]
* BossesKilled.toc main.lua raid_data.lua

Data for 6.0 LFR raids and more polish. Remove all the old flex-raid stuff

2015-02-16  wT  <wT>

* BossesKilled.toc main.lua raid_data.lua

Polish pass, TOC bump

2013-12-11  wT  <wT>

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Added tag v1.3.3 for changeset ab997399c2da

[ab997399c2da] [v1.3.3]
* BossesKilled.toc main.lua raid_data.lua

v1.3.3: Add the addon table to the global scope so any of the things mentioned
in the last update are actually possible (oops), plus added some comments and stuff

2013-12-10  wT  <wT>

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Added tag 1.3.2 for changeset 58a87a9cf1f9