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Supported WoW Versions

  • 3.0.9


Boss Notes Release Notes

* Release 0.9.4 Beta for World of Warcraft 3.0.9 (2008-03-24)

- FEATURE: Added support for multiple personal notes per category.
Also, private notes are now supported. Private notes are not

- CHANGE: Refactored add-on to a fully modular design. All notes
are now contributed by providers. Each provider may reside in an
add-on of its own. Bundled providers include Abilities, Personal Notes
and Tactics.

- FIX: Fixed recording of abilities to support abilities used in
both normal and heroic modes. Also fixed an issue with detecting
the dungeon difficulty.

* Releaes 0.9.3 Beta for World of Warcraft 3.0.9 (2008-03-17)

- FEATURE: Added support for recording and displaying boss abilities.

- FEATURE: Added support for boss notes in HTML.

- FEATURE: Added full import of the tactics collection maintained
by Kazza. The collection is still work in progress.

- FEATURE: Completed core encounter database for WOTLK raids and

- FEATURE: Added chinese translation provided by wowui.cn

- CHANGE: Moved the notes editor to a popup.

* Release 0.9.2 Beta for World of Warcraft 3.0.9 (2009-03-14)

- FEATURE: Added support for printing boss notes to chats, such
as raid chat, party chat, etc.

- FEATURE: Added support for modular, pre-compiled notes collections.
Added some tactics notes provided by Kazza.

- FEATURE: Added support for dungeons in addition to raids.

- FEATURE: Made Boss Notes fully localizable.

* Release 0.9.1 Beta for World of Warcraft 3.0.9 (2009-03-09)

- FIX: Fixed some issues related to the packaging of the add-on.

* Release 0.9.0 Beta for World of Warcraft 3.0.9 (2009-03-09)

- Initial release

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