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    Jan 4, 2010
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 3.3.0


    - Fix a problem with singles not being nilled properly
    - Fix lower level paladin blessings; use lessers instead of greaters if we don't know the greater.
    - Allow for variable anchoring, fix an issue with spell propagation during combat, fix an issue with 'do we know this spell' checking.
    - Don't queue a dead player as the next spell recipient, and fix texcoords for re-used sub-buttons
    - Add embeds to TOC
    - Add pkgmeta and embeds
    - Lots of UI polish, think it pretty much works for single-player now. Comms up next!
    - Basically rewrote the whole thing, yay. Is now pretty much usable for self-usage; doesn't do comms yet, but the whole buff selection and application bit all works right.
    - Blah blah more UI work, works pretty sweet now, including the omni button, yay.
    - blah blah blah more work, more to go
    - Frame management and stuff, working on comms/buff priority assignment.

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