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  • 6.1.0


3.63 BETA
- Added initial code to support Paladin charge spells when spec'd Clemency
*Could be broken with double sac on 2 different people (looking for bugs)
- Added option to disable battle res monitor
- Add option to set bar fill/drain direction
- Regroup addon options to make it look pretty
- Add Remaining charge spells
- Fix: 3 min CDs reset on wipe

- Fix click to announce on paused bars

- Funkydude: Helped fix bar issues with bigwigs

- Brez bug fixes

- Fix Spirit Shell CD
- Fix Stampeding Roar when not glyphed
- Various bug fixes, trying to fix anchoring interfering with BigWigs
- Remove sologroup and always show, causing too much pain for now

- Add separate battle rez tracker, shows on boss engage. Top of the frame.
- Handle players that release/insta-res better
- Add minimap button

- Send chat messages to specified channels
- Fix: Set extras (hopefully)
- Fix: Various utility cooldowns for WoD (Shattering Throw removed, RC non prot, Zen Med non MW)
- Various other bug fixes

- WoD Update
- Fix: HoTW not tracking correctly
- New: New cooldowns added and old removed for WoD
- New: Now tracks the amount of battle resurrections you have in an encounter, this will show up as the amount you have available (1 at the start of an encounter)

- Fix: Anchoring issues when bar growth is set to "Left"
- Fix: Styling issues conflicting with BigWigs (hopefully)
- Fix: Show the mover when you unlock it w/out ElvUI

- Fixed total number of CD's not showing again when ready mode is off.

- Added option to show always show bars called Ready Mode.
- Report bugs please if using the ready bar feature. I believe a lot of bugs are gone now b/c of the alpha testing.
- Class color bars now an option. You can also click them to send a whisper to the person asking them to use the CD.
- Added group version tracking. /blcd who
- Changed the look of the addon without ElvUI
- Fixed total number of CD's not showing.
- Retain cooldown roster through reloads. You can issue a roster rescan via /blcd rescan

- Bug fix when not tracking a CD but received addon comm about it
- Added Raid/Party option on when to enable BLCD

- Large internal update
- No more reloading when choosing cooldowns and their settings such as bar direction
- Removed tracking ankh, does not show in the combat log in ANY way
- Wipe/Boss Defeat detection, better resetting cooldowns
 *Be on the lookout for CD's that reset but are 3 mins, ie Revival
- Addon comms allow CD's to be tracked across different player states/realms such as Norushen. Both players must have the latest BLCD for this to work.

- Update ToC to 5.4
- Update to reflect changes in 5.4 (Note: tooltip changes will be in a future patch)

- Fix Ancestral Guidance

- Added Shadow Priest Void Shift tracking
- Position now saves to profile

- Merge InKahootz dead player code

- Update ToC to 5.3

- Tagged as 3.16
- Added more commands to /blcd command list
- Added wipe detection and CD reset

- Tagged as 3.15
- Added Paladin's Light's Hammer and Hand of Purity
- Added Warrior's Intervene
- Corrected Hand of Salvation spellID

- Tagged as 3.14
- Reduced number of active cooldowns on Default settings
- Added Paladin's Holy Avenger
- Added Shaman's Ancestral Guidance
- Added Druid's Heart of the Wild
- Added Paladin's Hand of Salvation
- Corrected Void Shift and Hymn of Hope tooltips

- Tagged as 3.13
- Added Shadow Priest's Vampiric Embrace
- Added Warrior's Shattering Throw

- Tagged as 3.12
- Added AceTimer-3.0 back to libs as AceBucket is dependent on it
- Added Shaman's Reincarnation
- Added missing argument in Scale function
- Added names for available CD to tooltip

-Tagged as 3.11
-Updated TOC

-Removed libraries from repository

-Returned to latest LibCandyBar-3.0 release

-Corrected .pkgmeta paths

-Added repository to WowAce