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  • Additionally send whispers to players that are missing buffs
  • Also check the players for food buffs
  • Auto
  • Channel
  • Check at boss
  • Check food
  • Check when a Boss is engaged
  • Determine Groups automatically
  • Expiration Threshold
  • Expiring elixirs
  • Expiring flask
  • Expiring food buff
  • Flasks only
  • Food Level
  • Groups
  • Legacy Flask
  • Low food buff
  • Minimum stat bonus food buff must provide
  • Nagging whispers
  • No flask
  • No flask or elixir
  • No food buff
  • Only count flasks as valid buff, not elixirs
  • Only include these groups
  • Only one elixir
  • Only one expiring elixir
  • Out of range
  • Report Buffs that expire in x minutes
  • Specifiy groups to include in the check
  • Still eating
  • Which channel to broadcast to

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