Custom State Header

The Custom State Header in Bartender4 allows you to control the paging and the visibility of bars by using any macro conditions supported by WoW.


The syntax of the custom conditions is very similar to the syntax of Macros. You can use all conditions supported by the macro system to build a very complex state driver, or a very simple one, whatever suits your needs.

The General Syntax for both state drivers is:
[condition:value]parameters;[more conditions]parameters; fallback-parameters

For a complete list of the supported conditions, see Cogwheels Macro Guide

Be aware that those conditions are parsed Left-to-Right, and the first matching condition is used, so keep the order of your conditions in mind.

The Stance/Paging Header

The state header used for the paging/stances simply uses the number of your target page as the parameter. That is, 1-10 for the target bars/pages, and 0 for "do not page", so use the default page for the specific bar.

Note: Page 11 is a very special case and only used for the possess bar. ([possessbar]11 is the full code for possess bar support)


Simple State Driver for Druids. Switches to Bar 8 for Prowl, 7 for Cat, 9 for Bear and also supports the Possess Bar, with fallback to its default bar


State Driver that switches to Bar2 if you target a friendly target, and stays on its default bar for enemys


Driver that switches to Bar6 if you hold the ALT key, 7 if you hold CTRL, no paging otherwise


If you think you wrote a useful state string and want to share it with others, please contact me and i can put it up here.

The Visibility Header

The visibility state driver supports 3 differen parameters. A simple set of show and hide, but additionaly also fade to set the bar to fade-out in the selected state.

Fade Out

By specifying fade as the target you can get the bar to fade out until you place your mouse over it.

By default, it will use the Fade Out Alpha configured in the options, however you can pass another alpha value to the fade target delimited by a colon.
0 would be completely transparent, 100 completely opaque.


Fade bar out-of-combat, and show it fully in combat:


Hide Bar in every stance except 3, but only show it faded during combat


Fade Out with different alpha values


If you think you wrote a useful state string and want to share it with others, please contact me and i can put it up here.


[1]: Cogwheels Macro Guide - Conditions


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