Addon has lost all settings #2221

  • Taliyah9 created this issue Mar 5, 2024

    I played Sunday, all was well. I logged in this morning, and all my Bartender settings have been lost - I'm looking at a bunch of default bars everywhere. I haven't touched a thing between then & now, though the game did have a small update this morning. All my other apps appear to be fine, though I wasn't able to play to test them fully because my bars are a mess. No error message, and the addon is still running. I can open it, and it claims I'm on my character's profile, but everything has been reset to defaults. I checked multiple characters and they're all the same.


    I know that's wildly unhelpful because you can't fix a problem with no information, but I have no information. Let me know what you need, if any particular files or screencaps would be useful, and I'll get them to you.

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