Bartender4 Causing Interact Issue With Last Boss Button in Gnomer #2220

  • Defect
  • donivantrip created this issue Feb 25, 2024

    alliance side, season of discovery, easy to replicate.

    You interact with the button on the last boss room in gnomeregan, and are unable to interact with it unless you reload or disable bartender. it's happened every week since gnomer was launched. The button becomes unclickable.

    -not talking about the 30 second debuff

    -only happens with bartender active

    -common problem as noted on reddit

    -noone in my group has had this issue that DOESN'T use bartender

  • donivantrip added a tag Defect Feb 25, 2024
  • donivantrip edited description Feb 25, 2024

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