SOD Classic Wow - Update disabled several bars and can't enable them #2213

  • starr0cket created this issue Feb 6, 2024

    Hey there! Love the addon for years but this most recent update just disabled most of the bars and there's no option to reenable them, and it erased all the hotkey buttons. I can still use them from memory but visually they're gone and I can't click them with my mouse.

    Version: Bartender4-4.14.13



  • starr0cket added an attachment 2024-02-06 12_26_33-World of Warcraft.png Feb 6, 2024

    Current View

    Normally have bars 1-8 enabled.

  • starr0cket added an attachment SOD wow Bartender issue.png Feb 6, 2024

    UI missing bars

  • starr0cket edited description Feb 6, 2024

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