Default open Wow Bags no longer offset to the left #2146

  • samgamg88 created this issue May 4, 2023

    Hi there. I've been using your mod for years, and there's an issue after this current patch relating to the position of open default wow bags.


    Normally, with Bartender4 running, if I selected for the 2 default wow action bars on the right side of the screen to be loaded, my open default wow bags would offset to the left as if the bars were visible even with Bartender running. Then I can put my own Bartender4 bars to the right hand side of the open bags and freely view/move items to the bars.


    With this last patch, this has now stopped. When I loaded in, my open wow bags as well as my quest objectives tracker were offset to the right at the edge of the screen, as if the 2 right action bars weren't loaded.


    If I disable Bartender4 and reload the UI, the open bags are offset to the left with the default action bars showing. When I reload Bartender4, the open bags offset to the right on the edge of the screen as if the default action bars are not selected to show, even though they are selected in the interface options.


    If there's any way to remedy this with your coding I'd really appreciate it. As I say I've been using your mod for years and it has always been the case that I can offset the open default bags to the left with the default side action bars selected, even though they are not showing with Bartender running.



  • HelloDC posted a comment May 4, 2023

    Came here to post this exact bug since 10.1 went live.

  • samgamg88 posted a comment May 6, 2023

    Good to hear.  Hopefully they can address it, throws off my feng shui.

  • KaraSaan posted a comment Jun 26, 2023

    Is there any development on this issue?


    It is not only the bags that open all the way to the right and ignore the action bars,

    it is also the Quest log, Boss frames, Arena frames and durability frame which now ignore the action bars on the right if you use Bartender.


    And moving them a bit to the left manually isn't really an option, since Blizzard doesn't allow to move them as a group and moving them

    one by one destroys their unique interaction of automatically stacking above each other if needed. (unless I am missing something)


    Appreciate any answer :)

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