Stop MouseButtons 3,4,5 from interacting with action bars #2145

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  • nouse_001 created this issue May 4, 2023


    recently my WoW client started to work differently, and i am not sure why.


    I can now use any mouse button (left, right, middle (3), thumb1 (4), thumb2 (5)) to trigger an action bar button. This interferes with some bindings i made with clique, and i am sure that this wasnt the case before.


    My question is:


    How can i prevent Mouse3, Mouse4, Mouse5 from interacting with action bars?


    Interestingly, the Bartender4 stance bar has exactly this behaviour.


    /edit: I am playing WOTLK 3.4.1

  • nouse_001 added a tag Enhancement May 4, 2023
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