Missing profession ranks on items on the bars #2131

  • Sylux1992 created this issue Feb 27, 2023

    I don't know if it is a problem caused by bartender itself, but my buttons miss the profession rank on the buttons.

    When i put like heal pots on the bars the button shows the hotkey and stacksize but not the profession rank symbol.

    With standard interface bars or dominos it's working.

    I use masque for both bartender or dominos.

    I didn't find an option for that in the bartender settings or masque.


    Because of the recent "interface action blocked" errors a few people and myself encountered, I tested other bar addons but they don't give me the options that bartender does. Customizing the button text without extra addons is nice, it's just that the profession rank icon would be the cherry on top.

  • Sylux1992 edited description Feb 27, 2023

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