Feature Request: Edit mode #1887

  • Voodoomoose912 created this issue Sep 12, 2022

    When trying to set up bars/binds for a new character, it can be tedious to get things set up while also trying to hide a majority of the action bars. Each time you decide to change a bind for a hidden button, you have to toggle the lock, note the action bar that has the button you want to change, toggle lock again, go to the specific bar, click the visibility tab, and then toggle the Always Hide feature. Then, you have to re-hide it when you're satisfied with your changes.


    I think it would be really helpful if there was a checkbox near the Lock checkbox that toggled an edit mode. While in edit mode, all bars would override their individual settings to set them to all display and to display macro and hotkey text. This would improve the above use case because now when you want to make a change, you simply toggle edit mode, make the change, and toggle it back off.


    Thanks for all the work you do on this project!

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