Feature Request: ClickThrough Bars when using Mousebinded Clicks #1834

  • mandalaiya created this issue Mar 26, 2022


    I would like to suggest a feature regarding the ClickThrough option for the actions bars. At the moment, a spell in an action bar will get activated with any mouse key (left button, right, middle button, ...) What I would wish for is an action bar that is only reactive on certain mouse keys (e.g. only LeftButton)  and for all other mouse buttons (especially all mouse buttons which are already keybound to another spell like for example binding a spell on middlebutton) the actions bar should be clickthrough. This would ensure that the keybind is used even though the mouse cursor is located over an action bar!

    I could imagine an implementation such as: "ignore" clicks with a mouse button which is used as a keybind too.


    Would this be realizable in any way? Thanks in advance!


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