"Blizzard interface" preset not lined up #1787

  • mAwArm created this issue Jul 13, 2021

    [BCC v2.5.1.39170] [Bartender 4.10.10-bcc]


    The bars do not line up with the "Blizzard interface" preset as they do with the default interface. Is there any particular reason why it's like this?


     Default interface:

    Default interface


    "Blizzard interface" preset:

    "Blizzard interface" preset

  • mAwArm edited description Jul 13, 2021
  • Heebra90 posted a comment Jul 14, 2021

    have same issue, have binded action bars with Q E but after i install Bartender it disappear aswell ping meter, addon caused it transparent

  • ChummyQT posted a comment Jul 22, 2021

    Same for me, after removing "eagle" Blizzard texture, looks pretty weird, not aligned.

    Also missing latency bar fill!

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