deleted full key binds #1781

  • Defect
  • melf1cepower created this issue Jun 19, 2021

    The addon is not bad, BUT periodically, when you enter the game, thanks to this "wonderful" addon, you can catch a bug that you do not press anything AT ALL. And only if you click the arrangement of the keys through the bartender and the assignments will everything work back.
    besides this, this "wonderful" add-on also ruins your standard binds, a trash can pzdts
    ruinated me so that during the crafting of the spellcloth he could not share it. the shift when dividing and clicking on an item simply did not work and it turned out as if I were throwing a chela after crafting, thanks to this GREAT (no) addon !!!

    he stomped his mouth, threw it out the window, htfu.

  • melf1cepower added a tag Defect Jun 19, 2021

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