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tag 4.1.0
Hendrik Leppkes <h.leppkes@gmail.com>
2008-10-14 20:50:10 +0200

Tagging as 4.1.0, Official Release for 3.0


Hendrik Leppkes:
    - Adjust .toc in preparation of release
    - Small cleanup
    - Added very basic Reputation/XP Bar modules Support for the XP and Reputation Bar, Bartender4 hides them so it can show them again. Disabled by default.
    Note: The XP Bar hides itself when you reach max-level, and the Reputation Bar hides itself if you are not tracking any reputation.
    - Fixed disabling of Auto-Assist
    - Fix error in auto-assist code with harm-assisting
    - Added a Leave Vehicle Button to the Main Bar on Slot 12 The Possess Bar usually only uses 10 buttons to the limit of 10 buttons on the pet bar, that leaves button 11 and 12 empty. Button 12 (id 132) is now being used for a Leave Vehicle button to be able to leave vehicles properly.
    Without a full 12-Button Main Bar, you probably want to Macro /script VehicleExit();
    I may add another form of button for this at some point, but not right now.
    - Updated TODO.txt
    - Use the Multiline Editbox for the State and Visibility Custom config
    - Added a Vertical MicroMenu option The MicroMenu can once again be vertical again, however it does not have a full-blown Rows configuration like the actionbars do, due to some issues with the non-square micromenu buttons. As a result of that, padding between the buttons is currently not available either. Its planned to make the MicroMenu use the default ButtonBar template too in the future.
    - Fixed width of the MicroMenu overlay
    - Updated .pkgmeta externals for final migration
    - Some more tweaks to Babelfish script, changing output format slightly, and re-run the script.
    - Added a type check when writing the locale files
    - Added support for non-true values in the base locale
    - Allow configurationg of a different base locale in Babelfish Script
    - Added more configuration variables to the Babelfish script
    - Re-organized some state options and extended description of the ActionBar Paging option
    - Added a button to the Config GUI to open the Key Binding Mode
    - Added support for esMX to locale files and Babelfish script
    - Small tweak to options implementation
    - Re-implemented Right-Click self-casting
    - Added "Copy Conditionals" button to the Visibility driver as well
    - Update State Driver after copying the previous set values into the custom driver
    - Added missing locale entries for new State Options
    - Added Custom Conditionals support and Config options You can now enter any macro conditions into an editbox in the Config GUI which will feed the state driver. The syntax is not validated, so its your own responsibility to know how macro syntax works! Example: [form:1]9;0 -- Page to Bar 9 in Form 1, otherwise don't page at all (id 0)
    - Add "Alpha" token to the version number in the .toc
    - Added new "type" attribute to the state stance map definition. The new "type" attribute allows the state header to use any macro conditions to be used for paging, currently only used in Warlocks Metamorphosis which only reacts on "stance" and not on "bonusbar" in build 8982. If type is not set, it defaults to "bonusbar" for compat reasons.
    - Fix Visibility Configuration for Metamorphosis Metamorphosis is on slot 1 for GetShapeshiftFormInfo(), but when active GetShapeshiftForm() returns 2. Added a hopefully temporary hack to work around the issue.
    - Fix paging support for Warlocks in Metamorphosis Warlocks require a special treatment right now. Metamorphosis does not have a default BonusBar Offset and can only be caught by [stance:2] right now.
    - Added Warlock Metamorphosis support to the State-Paging module of ActionBars
    - Changed PetButton KeyBound implementation to always show a proper name Bindings reported will always be in the format "Pet Button 1 (action_name)" now. Note that bindings are always directly to the button, no matter whcih action is currently associated to it, not as [1] claims.
    [1]: http://jira.wowace.com/browse/BT-39
    - Removed SVN $Id$ Tags and updated locale
    - Fix TokenUI not loading with Bartender4 enabled
    - Refactor the fade-out option to use the new state functionality
    - Add WorldFrame and UIParent to the list of frames to snap to and tweak sticky code
    - Added simple Bar-snapping support, more to come
    - Minor cleanups in action button code
    - Removed trailing spaces
    - use custom visibility driver that supports fading in addition to the simple show/hide
    - oops forgot one
    - rewrite auto-assist feature using new secure state driver rather then ugly macrotext
    - prevent spam when turning off custom mode again
    - add custom-conditional support to visibility driver, does not validate the syntax yet, so take care
    - add options to control the new visibility driver - currently supports: always hide, when possessing a npc, combat/nocombat, pet/nopet, stance:X
    - fix stance options
    - fix options
    - first draft of new visibility system, works so far, but lacks options
    - fix other bugs
    - fix .toc
    - restructuring, preparing for new changes
    - change visibility driver to hide pet-bar when possessing, as blizzard doesn't give you a pet-bar either when in a vehicle, for example.
    - totally disable the default bar again (may or may not totally disable the vehicle ui too, off to testing :P)
    - remove workaround for bug that was fixed in the latest build
    - small fix for classes without stances
    - update to changes to the secure code
    - smarter handling of the state configuration
    - more fixes to stance code
    - very basic and hack'ish support for page swapping, hopefully doesnt break :D
    - properly show the autocast shine when toggling it
    - some fixes to petbar and the new autocast glow
    - fix micromenu with new buttons
    - comment a unfinished typo thingy
    - bump .toc
    - first set of fixes for WotlK - conditional show/hide of bars is still broken - page swapping in any form is broken as well

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