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tag 4.4.9
Hendrik Leppkes <h.leppkes@gmail.com>
2010-10-12 20:28:16 +0200

Tag as 4.4.9


Hendrik Leppkes:
    - Check if we have LBF before trying to skin buttons.
    - Removed old action button code.
    - Implemented "Auto Assist" mode for the new LAB-1.0 buttons.
    - Set the tooltip option on the button as well.
    - Don't need to update *everything* when just changing colors.
    - Apply our color and range configuration to the LAB-1.0 buttons.
    - Remove some now-broken (and possibly obsolete) code.
    - First implementation of LibActionButton-1.0 based buttons.
    - Restore the XP Bar after the vehicle code moved it.
    - Add a check for a valid return from FindSpellBookSlotBySpellID.
    - Moved FAQ to the last position in the options list.
    - Renamed "Defaults" to "Presets"
    - Updated Defaults (Ticket #333)
    - Re-enabled "Auto Assist" due to fixed API on Blizzards side
    - Add new guild micro button.
    - Disable "Auto Assist" option until it can be fixed (Blizzard limitation right now.)
    - Update interface version
    - Add new files to Babelfish.lua
    - Poke for locale update.
    - Cleanup up and re-indented BlizzardArt sources.
    - Added a Bartender-specific toggle-actionbar-lock keybinding.
    - Disabeld "ActionBar Paging" by default.
    - Don't modify the hotkey position when LBF is loaded, as a skin could modify this.
    - Improved sliders in the options with softMin/softMax and bigStep to offer more freedom in configuration.
    - Remove old unused option code snippet
Thomas Schaap:
    - Added a Defaults option tab which can be used to reset a profile to a close approximation of Blizzard's UI. Note that to get even closer a couple of other things would need to be changed, such as strata options and the bag bar's layout.
    - Corrected a small error in the default values for BlizzardArt.
    - Added BlizzardArt module to existing code.