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    Oct 27, 2022
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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 10.0.0

Supported WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic Versions

  • 3.4.0

Supported WoW Classic Versions

  • 1.14.3

Supported WoW Burning Crusade Classic Versions

  • 2.5.4



4.13.0 (2022-10-27)

Full Changelog Previous Releases

  • The Button Lock settings saves again
    Since LibActionButton now more gracefully handles button moving, we can
    return this to the old behavior.
  • Re-order bindings to match the new bar sorting
  • Re-open the Bartender options after closing KeyBound
  • Split bar options into action bars and UI bars
  • Refactor Action Bar naming to match Blizzard
    1-8 now match Blizzards 1-8
    What was previously 2 is now named Bonus Bar
  • Don't re-enter ReassignBindings from our own binding changes
  • Make keybinding migration safer for changes during iteration
  • Migrate keybindings from Blizzard Multi bars onto Bartender4 bars.
  • Fix three stacked bars option for the Blizzard preset