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tag 4.3.0
Hendrik Leppkes <h.leppkes@gmail.com>
2009-04-14 14:47:59 +0200

Tag as 4.3.0


Hendrik Leppkes:
    - Don't clear the unit attribute in the state configuration anymore, secure env does that now.
    - Move alot of auto-assist processing into the secure environment, allowing full action drag/drop support in combat.
    - Add a "No Stance/Form" toggle to the visibility driver options, to hide a bar when in stance 0 (no form).
    - Use a custom widget for the X/Y Coordinate EditBox
    - Options tweaks and fixes
    - Added options to center the bars both vertically and horizontally.
    - Hide the Stance-based Visibility options for classes that do not support it.
    - Rename the "align" option to "position", as its more accurate now.
    - Added initial positioning options for precise position control to the configuration.
    - Let LibWindow handle the default position of the XPBar.
    - Use @project-version@ in the Version field and update copyright headers to 2009.
    - Updated Babelfish.lua
    - Prevent changing the Vehicle UI option while on a vehicle to avoid serious breakage.
    - Properly unregister PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD if the vehicle art is off.
    - Update Version and Interface in .toc
    - Split StateBar configuration out of ActionBar code
    - Further cleanup and seperation
    - Fix Prowl Paging. Before, when turned prowl was turned off, it would switch back to Page0, which is not intended. Instead, it will stay in the cat bar now if prowl is set to "Do not page".
    - Properly unset the statedriver when its disabled with custom conditionals active.
    - Furhter split of the StateBar from the ActionBar
    - Initial abstraction of state code into StateBar prototype
    - Re-bind keys previously bound to Action Bar 1 to the Vehicle Buttons when using the default UI, so the button on-click effects work properly.
    This feature does require that the keys you want to control the vehicle buttons (usually 1-6) are actually bound to Bar 1. It will however still work if they are not, as long as you have the bar bound to those keys set as possess bar.
    - Improve vehicle behaviour
    - Refresh the state of buttons when they are newly created.
    - Added an assertion with an detailed error message to debug an error in the action button code.
    - Securely hide the old Blizzard UI, thus working in combat
    - Small improvements to the vehicle stuff
    - Properly unregister the vehicle events if not using the Blizzard VehicleUI
    - Properly disable our built-in VehicleBar if using the Blizzard art
    - Added an option to use the default blizzard vehicle frame for vehicles (the art and all the fun)
    - Fix FadeOut, we need to check if the mouse is over the Overlay now, and not the actual bar.
    - Safety check for an error that really shouldn't happen.
    - Fixed initial positions for all bars
    - Fix the behaviour of snapping for the new bar positioning.
    - Fixed behaviour of padding on alternate growth directions and fixed the alignment of the drag-overlay.
    - Added options to adjust the vertical and horizontal growth direction
    - Use our SavePosition function instead of LibWindow directly
    - Try to preserve the old position properly during the migration to the new system.
    - Added plumbing to change the growth direction of the bars. Currently always defaults to DOWN and RIGHT, as that is the "old" behaviour.
    - First work on LibWindow-1.1 usage, plumbing for new bar resizing/button positioning
    - Fix all and any white-space errors