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tag 4.0.0
Hendrik Leppkes <h.leppkes@gmail.com>
2008-09-30 08:53:21 +0200

Taging as 4.0.0 for 2.4


Hendrik Leppkes:
    - Applyed workaround for the Action Blocked message when using /click macros
    Apparently the cache for the click-frames taints its first element after frame creation, so a one-time call of GetClickFrame() after frame-creation removes that tainted element from the cache, and all future calls return the proper secure frame. [1]
    [1]: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=3773503744&sid=1&pageNo=4#60
    - Pet and Stance Bar will now obey the "Disable Tooltip" setting
    - The LDB plugin will only try to add itself if LDB is present
    - Added missing LDB plugin
    - Fix start-up errors due to missing locale reference
    - Added LDB launcher plugin
    - update fully ruRU translation
Hendrik Leppkes:
    - fix some behaviour
    - fix a bug with action buttons not updating properly with AutoAssist active
    - big restructuring, split the options from the code and moved individual modules into subdirs
    - expect big breakage if you try to update without completely restarting wow
    - update zhTW locale
    - update zhCN
Hendrik Leppkes:
    - simplify 3 translations to be combined in one
    - add empty ruRU locale file and add ruRU to the babelfish script
    - fix issue with hiding bars on disable
    - frFR Update
    - - koKR Update
    - update zhTW
    - frFR Update
Hendrik Leppkes:
    - babelfish run to validate locale
    - add missing locales
Hendrik Leppkes:
    - small fix
    - seperate Tree of Life and Moonkin stance configuration (moonkin will also now actually work)
    - revert some changes to the action button code again to resolve a weird issue with moving spells (once again its not possible to move actions in combat)
    - - Update locale koKR
Hendrik Leppkes:
    - improve visibility driver logic and API
    - applied a fix to the "Hide" option in different states until the hiding system can be re-written
    - - koKR Update
    - frFR Update
Hendrik Leppkes:
    - commit the other half of that <.<
    - - update babelfish script to work with embeded escape chars (\n, \t, \", etc)
    - bar creation now takes a name to avoid translation issues
    - re-run babelfish script - If you find missing translations, just add the L[] wrapping around it and run the babelfish script!
    - - Update locale koKR
    - update zhTW locale
    - add missing locales
Hendrik Leppkes:
    - more svn stuff
    - svn stuff
    - tweak one translation to be accessible by the babelfish script
    - update locale, now uses a advanced version of cladhaires babelfish script to generate the locale files
    - add missing locale
    - Bartender4:
    Fixed missing locals
    - Bartender4:
    Fixed missing locals
    - My work is finished.
    - fix a mistake
    - continue to work
Hendrik Leppkes:
    - fix some layout and other junk in the locale files
    - - Update locale koKR
    - I have forgotten some things
    - add zhCN Localization(not finished yet)
Hendrik Leppkes:
    - re-implement the hide macrotext option, should all be working now again
    - remove Button Lock option because its defunct
    - add a check around the keybinding code to hopefully prevent any errors
    - fix flash texture
    - re-commit new button code, now with more checks and fixes and whatnot
    - sadly, hiding the macro text is currently defunct, will be fixed soon'ish
    - revert last commit until i can figure out wtf is wrong with those templates
    - - now using the blizzard actionbutton template for action buttons
    - this means:
    -- draging of spells in combat is possible again
    -- empty buttons will be really hidden
    -- the lock actionbuttons option from the BT menu is currently gone, use the interface options setting to lock moving your actions
    - fix error when loading profile
    - dont try to steal bindings in combat, only ends up in errors anyway
    - workaround for a stance issue that didnt save data properly
    - small tweaks
    - force all button layers to be on MEDIUM strata and fix up framelevels
    - - hide the pet-bar AutoCastable texture when AutoCast is enabled (works around a crazy ButtonFacade design that showed it on top - back to blizzard behavior)
    - tweak stance bar code for classes that dont actually have a stance (yet)
    - fix a bug in auto-assist logic
    - check for helpful before harmful
    - added expiremental auto-assist feature
    - automatically trys to target your target's target if your current spell cannot be cast on your target (useful for healers targeting a boss and healing the current MT, etc)
    - small tweak to fadeout
    - make sure fadeout behaves correctly with locking and changing the bar alpha
    - updated ButtonFacade support to store the color values
    - add very simple fade out support (disabled by default)
    - - add keyring and onebag option to bagbar
    - fix some random stuff in the options tables
    - added very simple BagBar module, no keyring yet, option for only one back button coming soon, too
    - added options to hide the hotkey and macrotext
    - remove old keyBound code
    - - now using LibKeyBound-1.0
    - added more options to configure the show/hide state of the bar, now supports showing/hiding bars based on in-combat
    - fix module enabling/disabling in various modules
    - fix error in keyBound zhTW locale, please dont break stuff <.<
    - Add zhTW locale to KeyBound
Hendrik Leppkes:
    - tweak size of the NormalTexture
    - remove Button argument from the skin callback, since we only allow skinning based on the group
    - add a check to the button layout code to prevent crazy behaviour if a user sets #Rows > #Buttons
    - fix parents when releasing/aquiring buttons, fixes inproper showing of buttons when reducing the number of buttons on a bar
    - bump .toc to 2.4 .. wonder why i never did that before
    - add a reference to the real button into the button proxy object
    - add :GetActionID() to the action buttons
    - fix clearing keybindings on bar1
    - fix the color of the overlay in unlocked mode
    - fix translation error, stupid koreans :P
    - add koKR locals
Hendrik Leppkes:
    - - fix hiding of the stance and menu bar
    - fix a bug that was preventing the interaction indicators (highlight/pushed textures) to show up correctly in some cases
    - re-enabled the checked texture for the stance buttons (why was that off <.<)
    - fix tooltip disabling
    - update TODO list
    - merge to trunk
    - add simple FAQ
    - small tweaks
    - properly hide the LBF Backdrop and Gloss on empty buttons (thanks to jjsheets for the API)
    - - fix petbar normal texture appearing when clicking on a empty pet bar slot
    - added ButtonFacade support to the petbar (has one glitch though, a empty pet bar button with a backdrop from BF will not hide the backdrop <.<)
    - todo update
    - Bartender4:
    - options to configure self-casting
    - implement right-click self-cast
    - Bartender4:
    - added settings to toggle possess bar and actionbar-based switching (like pressing SHIFT-2 or SHIFT-MouseWheel to change bars)
    - added TODO.txt
    - some svn keywords
    - fix ButtonFacade support
    - update keyBound
    - add a "Zoom" toggle to the bar configuration to be able to use the Zoomed button style without ButtonFacade installed
    - more ButtonFacade integration
    - remove empty file
    - - remove cyCircled support
    - add preliminary ButtonFacade support (still some bugs in it)
    - this also replaces the built-in skin selection for the bars (for now)
    - fix profile issues with the pet bar
    - fix bug in keybinding mode with empty pet buttons
    - texture tweaks
    - - re-order button internals, should be easier to apply skins to now.
    - will flush all keybindings made with keyBound (yeah branch and all :P run s/BT4Button([^:]+):/BT4Button\1Secure:/ on your bindings cache :p )
    - more options tweaks
    - - build the config on demand (might break stuff, srsly)
    - add options for configuring the modifier switching
    - setup externals/embeds
    - doh forgot shadowform
    - use GetSpellInfo to get the stance names
    - fix bug for rogues
    - make default bar state work
    - use [bonusbar:x] instead of [stance:x], simplifies detection logic of stances, no more skipped aquatic form shit =P
    - fix cyCircled support causing taint messages in some cases
    - restructure configuration
    - update buttons after setting the style
    - tweak style support
    - add support for cyCircled button skinning
    - enable <modifier>-selfcast until there is a option to toggle it
    - set override bindings on Bar1, ShapeshiftBar, PetBar
    - tweak keybinding stuff and add support for pet and stance bar
    - add keyBound by Tuller for key binding configuration, until there is some GUI/Button to open it, use /kb to bind buttons
    - fix some state stuff
    - beautify text tags on unlocked bars
    - - add more descriptive error messages to get/set handlers
    - add MicroMenu module (may not be 100% complete yet)
    - use some more upvalues
    - tweak OnUpdate code, now uses ~30-40% less CPU then Bartender3
    - tweaks
    - improve button handling with overlays
    - hide empty pet buttons
    - - add Enable/Disable to the Pet and Stance Bar
    - unlocking works right on the petbar now
    - adjust strata of pet buttons to match all other bars, and fix dreamlayout framelevel
    - reuse the DreamLayout frames
    - make button style work on the pet bar buttons, pretty much done now (short of hotkey display)
    - fix a bug in button code
    - pet buttons actually work now, using blizzard templates
    - some work on pet bar, interim commit so i can raid in peace :P
    - fix bugs for classes that dont have any stances (yet)
    - change pet button to a SecureActionButtonTemplate
    - add pet button template, borrowed from blizzy code, without their ugly scripts
    - stub for a petbar - not worky yet
    - add new bar overlays
    - toc update
    - add state support for the possess bar
    - option tweaks
    - - ButtonBar now uses .button_width and .button_height for layouting the buttons (defaults to 36)
    - set button width/height for stancebar buttons
    - StanceBar
    - increase default scale of the stance buttons
    - add events to update the bar
    - add OnDisable
    - first working stance bar, still needs events for updating etc
    - dummy stancebar module
    - strip some code from the actionbar module and move it to a generic ButtonBar module to be used for the stance and pet bar
    - implement option to change the button style
    - mark dreamlayout overlay properly so it gets hidden for empty buttons
    - implement different layouts
    - options for page swapping based on stance
    - some option fluff
    - rework config system to use a API for setting up the table now, and no merging
    - cleanups
    - svn stuff
    - - basic shapeshift support, no config interface for it yet
    - DRYCODE: copy/pasted stance translations from BT3 into locale files using AceLocale-3.0, and first module interface for stances
    - small tweak to button code
    - profile handling
    - - Button: added action drag support
    - Button: added show grid option
    - Options: cleanup and sorting
    - cleanup options and database layout
    - replace the slash command handler with a simple function to open the gui until AceConfigCmd works properly with plugins and inline groups
    - implement (Show|Hide)Grid
    - small options tweak
    - use db namespaces to store the actionbar configs, zomgmoremodular
    - change defaults to be more sane, default bars may work, or may hack your account, who knows
    - more work done and fixes applied
    - more work done
    - some reordering and more options
    - register for more chat commands
    - actually apply settings when the addon loads
    - more option fun
    - option stuff
    - use plugins to merge options together
    - just some random fixes and tweaks and cake
    - - split actionbar module and prototype into independent files
    - added meta functions to update bars/buttons
    - first options
    - button implementation
    - added support for multi-row bars
    - improve defaults and DB handling
    - nothing to see here, just storing progress before errors sneak in!
    - create bars in OnEnable so blizzard frame positioning code doesnt screw us
    - improved frame placement code, will take advantage of the build-in blizzy code to always save position relative to the nearest edge (or center)
    - apply more duct tape
    - interim commit to get something up on svn, totally untested and definitely not working drycode
    - initial commit of empty files