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    Feb 21, 2009
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 3.0.9


Hendrik Leppkes (10):
      2ed2263: Fix all and any white-space errors
      acc67ba: First work on LibWindow-1.1 usage, plumbing for new bar resizing/button positioning
      6f5086a: Added plumbing to change the growth direction of the bars. Currently always defaults to DOWN and RIGHT, as that is the "old" behaviour.
      e9071dc: Try to preserve the old position properly during the migration to the new system.
      4529c41: Use our SavePosition function instead of LibWindow directly
      a1189db: Added options to adjust the vertical and horizontal growth direction
      571fe6c: Fixed behaviour of padding on alternate growth directions and fixed the alignment of the drag-overlay.
      204ac6a: Fix the behaviour of snapping for the new bar positioning.
      044899f: Fixed initial positions for all bars
      13b2f0c: Merge branch 'libwindow'

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