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    Jan 6, 2009
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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 3.0.3


- Fixed error in Button-Alignment with certain numbers of Rows
- Added "Hide on Vehicles" preset to visibility options
- Updated zhCN locale

- Resolved "Black Button" issue with spells that require Rage/Mana/etc
- Improved behavior of the "Leave Vehicle" button to also cancel Mind Control etc.
- Localization Updates

- Added a Vehicle Bar with an additional "Leave Vehicle" button and the Pitch-Control buttons
- Potential fix for the issues with Possess/Vehicle Buttons not working properly

- Refactored ActionButton code (now using the Blizzard Template)
  -- Empty Buttons are now completly click-through
  -- Errors with empty buttons/wrong textures with ButtonFacade should be fixed
- MicroMenu now uses the ButtonBar prototype, allowing full Row/Padding control
- Added the keybindings to the Blizzard Keybinding Menu in addition to KeyBound
- Added support for Focus-Casting
- Added a minimap Icon to access the configuration
- Added support for specifying the fade-out alpha within a custom conditional string
- Fixed Hotkey on Pet and Stance Bar
- Re-arranged alot of options
- Fixed alot of errors with option handling

- Added new Popup Dialog in "Unlock Mode" that allows you to quickly lock the bars again and disable snapping
- Fixed initial starting positions of the bars, should no longer overlap. If they still do in rare cases, just move them ;)

- Fixed bugs with switching profiles
- Fixed a bug that caused the visibility to not properly refresh when unlocking/locking bars

- First public release for Patch 3.0

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