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    Nov 9, 2008
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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 3.0.3


Hendrik Leppkes (17):
      d97bb65: Minor cleanup of unneeded upvalues
      9d77edc: MicroMenu now uses the default ButtonBar template, which enables it to use full Row control
      6073cc7: Updated frFR locale by Pettigrow
      4ca8075: Added Bindings.xml to allow binding of keys through the Blizzard KeyBinding menu
      670913e: Linked the PetButton action dragging to the master "Button Lock" setting in the config
      453773a: First draft of conversion to the Blizzard template
      88a71de: Hotkeys work properly again
      82af623: Hook UpdateUsable and OnUpdate
      0ebc4c4: Hide MacroText works again
      832e94c: Removed OnUpdate hook and made keybindings show properly
      0c50bf8: Updated Bindings.xml to remove the Secure from the name
      21a325c: Remove old code
      15f2706: Fixed NormalTexture display
      170b825: Fix moving of actions
      293e41b: Prevent taint in UpdateAction
      ff11807: Fix showing of the icon for special buttons
      2f5605a: Fixed Show Grid option

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