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    Nov 2, 2008
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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 3.0.2


Hendrik Leppkes (24):
      62e8a48: Small cleanup
      8a8a28c: Updated zhCN locale from wowui.cn
      bb83d20: Added support for Focus-Cast
      3998774: Fix enabling/disabling of selfcast/focuscast
      7fab93e: Save the current binding set when changing the Focus/Self Cast modifiers
      24bf38f: Properly enable/disable Auto-Assist when changing the option in the config
      bde7969: Properly reset visibility when enabling/disabling a bar
      9fdc622: Added LibDBIcon-1.0 to externals and use no-lib-strip
      925ba03: Add a minimap icon using LibDBIcon-1.0
      7470579: Fix .pkgmeta
      36110a4: Fix Focus-Casting for enemy-targets in focus with Auto-Assist active
      21f3569: Properly unregister the harm statedriver in UpdateStates and bail out earlier in returnOnly mode (used for configuration)
      5a5e8cb: Use label instead of text in the LDB plugin
      e2c3d6c: Update Version number to 4.2.0-Alpha
      d03e403: Updated Forum Link in the FAQ
      fe16bbc: Disable and hide all other bars that Bartender4 replaces
      f4ee55d: Fixed removing of keybinds from Stance and Pet bar
      29f204b: Moved Hotkey and MacroText handling to the ButtonBar prototype and show the Hotkey on Pet and Stance Bar (default off)
      170a11c: Tweaks to the state and visibility configuration
      d96d0ae: Merge commit 'zh/master'
      9adffaf: Moved Fade Out options to visibility page
      9d7ed64: Added support for specifying the fade-out alpha in the custom visibility header
      67261e8: Don't show the border of the Bar Overlay when moving a bar
      94b3dec: Fixed an error in the visibility handler code on profile change

ananhaid (1):
      a049e1b: Signed-off-by: ananhaid <ananhaid@gmail.com>

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