/BI has no response #80

  • martinsfeld created this issue Mar 17, 2019

    While clicking over BI icon in Titan Bar still shows a list of my characters and their currency, /bi appears to be unrecognised and there is no response to it, not even an error message. This appears to have happened since 8.1.5. I have tried disabling all other add-ons to rule out some sort of clash but this had no effect

  • camembert73 posted a comment Mar 18, 2019

    Same here. I've removed cache files, and all saved variables without effect.

    I have french client, and all ppl in my guild have the same problem.

    Sad, it is an essential addon !

    Edited Mar 18, 2019
  • Hestima posted a comment Mar 19, 2019

    May help ... my solution for #79

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