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  • About
  • Addon name text options
  • All the time
  • Analysis Graph
  • Average Mana gain or loss for the entire fight was
  • Bar Help
  • Change the font for 'Full Burn!'
  • Change the font for 'Gaining Mana!'
  • Change the font for the addon name
  • Chat channel you want your overall Mana regen to print. Smart Group will select Party or Raid depending on group type
  • Credits
  • Description
  • Direct compare of Mana loss vs Mana gain during fight.
  • Display the text 'Full Burn!' on the left side
  • Display the text 'Gaining Mana!' on the right side
  • Enable Average Combat Mana
  • Even if this is off, you will still see numbers
  • Every second your current Mana is grabbed, then compared to the previous value.
  • Full Burn!
  • Gaining Mana!
  • Graphs
  • In combat
  • Left click to display real time graph.
  • Left side text settings
  • Log Settings
  • Middle click to run test display.
  • Monochrome
  • Only during dungeons
  • Outline
  • Outline and Monochrome
  • Pie Chart
  • Real Time Graph
  • Right click for configuration.
  • Right side text settings
  • Show Bar
  • Show the addon name above the Mana bar
  • Show the post combat analysis graph
  • Smart Group
  • Switch text styles for addon name
  • Switch text styles for 'Full Burn!
  • Switch text styles for 'Gaining Mana!
  • The bar must be shown in combat or nothing will work.
  • The idea for this addon came from Repose AKA Odobenus from Knights of the Storm, Alliance US Llane
  • The ten most recent values are averaged, and that number moves the indicator.
  • Therefore the bar is automatically turned on during combat.
  • Thick Outline
  • Thick Outline and Monochrome
  • To move the bar, hold down the ALT key and drag with the left mouse button
  • What Does this Addon Do?
  • When the overall average Mana per fight is logged.
  • When to show the real time graph of your Mana delta.

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