Average Combat Mana

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Average Combat Mana

ACM calculates your Mana gain or loss every second using the 10 most recent values (or less, if the fight is short), averages the result, and displays that on a frame, moving the indicator accordingly. This is primarily geared toward healers, but any DPS Mana using caster may benefit. Looking at you Arcane Mages!

For example:

You have 10 000 Mana currently

  1. First pass you have 9000 Mana, or a loss of 1000. The loss is stored
  2. Second pass you have 11 000 Mana, or a gain of 2000. The gain is stored
  3. Third pass you have 8800 Mana, or a loss of 2200. The loss is stored
  4. Fourth pass you have 7900 Mana, or a loss of 900. The loss is stored
  5. Fifth pass you have 8100 Mana, or a gain of 200. The gain is stored

Assuming the fight was short, the average of the results is -380 (-1000 +2000 -2200 -900 +200 = -1900) / 5 and the indicator moves to -380 There is also a running total of all gains and losses, and the average of that after combat is displayed to chat.


Sixth pass adds to the total and gets a new result, say 8500, a gain of 400, and a total of -1500.

The new sum is (-1000, 2000 -2200 -900 +200 +400) / 6 is = -250 ... And so on until it gets 10 values, whereupon it keeps the 10 most recent values.

Getting to the Options

  • /acm
  • /averagecombatmana
  • Interface.. Addons
  • any Broker display


There is inline help right in the addon's options.


If you wish to translate this addon, this is the page you want.

Official Forum

Please do NOT post bug reports to the forum.

Bug Reports

They go here, not in the comments, please and thank you.

To Do

  • ACM is set up to save your overall combat Mana average, saved per character by date. Eventually, the average will be plotted in a real time graph, and the overall average will able to be displayed in a graph you can look at whenever you like.
  • The user will be able to delete old graph information using a pull down menu.
  • Get the slider working! Text info will have to do for now.


Inspired by an idea from Repose AKA Odobenus from Knights of the Storm, Alliance US Llane


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