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    Apr 6, 2009
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  • 3.0.9


    Add Hodir's tribute to gossip data
    Add sons of hodir quest to gossipdata
Justin A. McCright:
    Gossip now uses item IDs instead of item names
    Moved the quest localizations out in to a newly minted LibBabble-Quests
    Gossip can now handle horde and alliance needing different items for the same quest (i.e., haala research)
    Only ignore rez from druids if they are in combat
    Fix broken logic in Repair from Guild Funds option.
    Fix a bug that was passing empty slots to ProcessLink
    Custom invite list now ignores case
    Add options to maintain a list of items that should always be sold
    Reorder options lists for Invite module to make them more pretty.
    Added additional options for Invite module.
    Fix failure of LootBOP and Queue to set default as disabled
    Added AceConsole to the sell module.
    Removed several outdated and unnecessary modules.
    Merge commit 'origin/master'
Justin A. McCright:
    Make herpe be a launcher instead of a data source
    Remove some 3 year old debug statements that are apparently causing nil dereference errors.
    Change LootBOP module to be disabled by default.
    Remove outdated module
Justin A. McCright:
    De-acelocalify a bunch of stuff
    De-acelocalify release
    De-acelocalify sell
    De-acelocalify stand
    De-acelocalify wuss
    Remove remainder of gossip frame alpha horsehit
    Finish migration to abacus-3.0; embed callbackhandler since databroker doesn't
    Change a lame string to be less lame
    Don't package the external updating script.
    Switch from being a fubar herpe to being a data broker herpe.
    Added basic ignore functionality to the Sell module.
    Added an invite module for assisted party creation.
Justin A. McCright:
    Remove reference to non-existent whine module
    Add a script to create or update externals.
    Initial import.  Bye bye svn history.

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