Aspect of the Viper #3

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  • _ForgeUser4726184 created this issue Aug 28, 2010

    Hi, I put the german translation in here.

    But there is still a problem in the german version with aspect of the viper.
    switching to viper at low mana works perfect, with message and so on, but there is no message at high mana
    I think the problem is, because in german viper is one of the two aspects that is not call "des" (=of the) [example: Aspekt des Falken]
    in viper it is called "der" (=of the) [ex.: Aspekt der Viper] (the second is: Aspect der Wildnis)
    maybe this cause the problem


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  • _ForgeUser325955 posted a comment Aug 28, 2010

    Hi reklovd, yeah I noticed that could be an issue. Can you confirm if the latest version fixes this? If so then I will mark the ticket as fixed.

    Thanks for the input!

    Edited Aug 28, 2010
  • _ForgeUser4726184 posted a comment Aug 29, 2010

    I am using v1.16, and it is not fixed there

  • _ForgeUser325955 posted a comment Aug 29, 2010

    I just looked through what the deDE locales are right now and it should be working, hmmmm. One thing it could be is with how locales are automatically loaded from the website you might have an older 1.16 version with the older locale as I had updated the translation here a few hours after releasing 1.16

    Just to make sure, can you delete your current Aspect Inspect and redownload?

    L["About"] = "Über" L["Aspect"] = "Aspekt" Needs review L["AspectBeast"] = "Aspekt des Wildtiers"

    This is the first 3 locale values in the deDE file that currently in the addon, just to allow you to check yours if you like also.

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