Aiue's Quest Tracker (AQT)

AQT (pronounced a-cutie) aims to be a highly configurable quest objective tracker. Take not that it is neither a guide nor a helper addon, and there are no plans to turn it into one.

Functionality includes, but is not limited to:

  • Show a list of all the quests in your log, and their status, or:
    • A list of manually selected quests
    • A list of automatically tracked quests, depending on configuration
  • Fully configurable progress-based progressive color, pick any color scheme you want!
  • Optionally show quest tags/levels.
  • Configurable sorting, pick any number of sorting rules from the ones available, and rank them.
  • Sounds, if you're into that kind of thing. I am. Defaults to faction-based sounds, but can be reconfigured. Makes use of LibSharedMedia.
  • Direct quest updates via LibSink, and optionally suppress the standard errorframe update.
  • Support for quest timers! Yes, this is rare.
  • And plenty more. Features are being continuously added, but right now the main focus is polishing.

Please use the Issue Tracker on GitHub for bug reports or feature requests. Also a good place to go if you want to get an idea of what my current future plans include.

There is also a discord. Can't say there's much of interest there. But it's there, in case you'd for whatever reason want to head there.

I do plan on eventually making a retail version, but as it means making the addon fully modular (which, to be fair, would only require minor tweaking), adding support for achievements, story type quests, instance objectives, and more, that's still quite a far way off.

Translators wanted! Let me know if you want to contribute with translations!

As per request, you can now donate.


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