Specify priority for multiple matching syntax methods #15

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  • trogdorhunter created this issue Sep 27, 2016

    I would like to see the addition of sorting or priority numbers for the syntax methods.

    As far as I know, libAlts only provides linking mains and alts, but not aliases. In our guild, many of our players have provided their real name (or whatever they like to be called) and this information is added to the public note. If users of Alts had the ability to specify a priority to the syntax methods, and multiple valid matches are found per note, whichever format had the higher priority would win and the other ignored. This allows greater freedom in note format design and potentially reduces conflicts with the demands of other guild note parsing addons.

    An example of how this could work...

    Note:  Ubermage's alt (Steve)

    IF <name>'s alt is set to a higher priority than (<name>). THEN return "Ubermage" as main.
    IF (<name>) is set to a higher priority than <name>'s alt, THEN return "Steve" as main.

  • trogdorhunter added the tags New Enhancment Sep 27, 2016

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