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  • trogdorhunter created this issue Sep 27, 2016



    GuildGreet is unfortunately not using libAlts. The syntax they look for in guild notes is limited to the above format. In GuildGreet, @<name> is used to specify an alias such as a real life name or whatever the player wants to be called. The alt-<main> syntax is used to specify the main. I suggest adding both because doing so allows the users to choose to use the alias when provided or the main depending on guild culture/norms.


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  • educolisao69 posted a comment Jun 7, 2017

    I use various guild management addons and for Alts addon become compatible with the other addons it was necessary to include more formats.
    To include the Alt <name> format I added the following method in Alts.lua file.

    [13] = {
    	-- Alt <name>
    	regex = "[Aa][Ll][Tt][ ]+([%a\128-\255-]+)",
    	description = "Alt <name>",
    	enabled = true,


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