Incorrectly tracks valor cap as Heroic Scenario completion #48

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  • _ForgeUser1187967 created this issue May 24, 2013

    With 2.8.3, AILO will mark as completed the Heroic Scenario, whether or not I've actually done it.

    It tracks, instead, if I am valor capped.

    As, for me, the reason to run the Heroic Scenario is to get the shiny purple box of 516 loot, I would want to run it every day, even past the cap.

    Would you please add the option to track the heroic loot box from the daily heroic scenario?

  • _ForgeUser1187967 added the tags New Defect May 24, 2013
  • _ForgeUser8575933 posted a comment Jun 12, 2013

    Actually I don't think it tracks *heroic* scenarios at all. I've done a H SC on 2 toons, and the scenario box is still green for them. Only red on the fresh 90 that I did a regular scenario on.

    So yeah, when adding heroic scenario tracking, keep in mind that most people have at least some toons that can use the 516 stuff.

  • Turducken_McNugget posted a comment Jun 12, 2013

    Currently when you are VP capped, trackers like scenarios go red to indicate that you can't get VP out of them. They are effectively done. As you note, a person could be going for loot. An options should probably be added for that behavior.

    The not tracking Heroic scenarios is just because I'm an idiot. For some reason I just assumed it would share the same "lockout" of getting bonus VP for first run of day with normal scenarios. I'll get it added.

  • _ForgeUser1187967 posted a comment Jun 15, 2013

    Seems fixed. Thanks.

    edit: I am wrong.

    For some reason, it says one of my toons, who is unable to even queue for the heroic scenario, has done it.

    Edited Jun 19, 2013

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