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    May 7, 2015
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tag 2.9.11
Starfox <twigele@gmail.com>
2015-03-30 13:21:09 +0200

Tag 2.9.11


    - added: tracker for the daily bunker quest that rewards a follower upgrade item added: quest id for Platinum reward to Garrison Invasion tracker added: gray background to header cells to make it easier to which columns belong to them added: code to skip over Garrison Invasions when checking for World Boss lockouts; showing each reward level as its own world boss is a super ugly way to do things and its still not correct as Blizz doesn't show Platinum there
    removed: code that tracked Rukhmar and "Drovina" kills by quest id since Blizz fixed their bug and they show up in raid lockouts; users should notice no change
    Bug fix: tracker for Total Loot Coins was not going red at max (10)
    Bug fix: had Slagworks as wing 2 and The Black Forge as wing 1 of BRF's LFRs
    Bug fix: seasonal bosses now require player to be max level, not max level or 1 lower
    Bug fix: updated start and end dates for upcoming seasonal events

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