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    Dec 18, 2014
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  • 6.0.3


    - Bug fix: use the currency CURRENCY_DISPLAY_UPDATE event to trigger a check a quest completion event to catch when you gain a seal of tempered fate from the bunker quartermaster.
    - comment out some debug only code
    - Rough first draft of the rewrite for WoD. Column headers are two two rows tall now with the top row spanning for grouping. For example, Highmaul will span over the columns for the various difficulties and its LFR wings and the icon for seal of tempered fate will span across the columns for total earned and earned this week. Tracker for garrison invasions added (1 means bronze, 2 silver, red means gold).
    known issues
    Drov and Tarina (aka Drovina) aren't showing up in the lockouts ui or having their lockout returned by the world boss api. There's a workaound in using a quest id but its not triggering correctly on kill which means it won't show up until you reload ui or relog into that character (or something else forces collection).
    There may be some strings that hard coded english right now; need to make a localization pass through the code.
    Would be nice to dynamically figure out if a category header should be abbreviated or shown full based off columns it spans.
    Would like to have (feel free to suggest) some iconigraphic representations for column headers like Dailies, Weeklies and Garrison Invasion that would be intuitive across languages.
    - loot coins tracker disabled pending update
    - added info for tracking new lfrs and overleveling existing lfrs.

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