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    Aug 15, 2016
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 7.0.3


    - core: support artifact traits in DebugTooltip
    - pkgmeta: fix git urls for LSB and LIB
    - mage: track Arcane Familiar by its totem rather than the aura
    - monk: add a rule for the duration of summoned statues
    - core: add GetPetTimeRemaining to the save environment
    ... aaaaaand to the list of globals :peep:
    - monk: add a rule to track duration of the Invoke spells
    - rules: and of course I missed one
    My opinion about global lists is a very long :peep:
    - :fireworks: Copyright 2016
    - rules: refresh the list of globals
    - core: clean up the save environment
    Removed GetComboPoints and GetEclipseDirection
    - rogue: exclude Night Terrors
    Fixes https://github.com/AdiAddons/AdiButtonAuras/issues/221
    - rules: add GetDebuff to the list of globals
    - rules: add a rule to show Surrendered Soul on battle res spells
    - core: get the version of the queried category only
    - core: track all sources for auras with multiple sources
    - core: providers are now the 5th value for ShowPower
    Also update the docs.
    - docs: update ShowStacks
    - death knight: make use of ShowStacks for Razorice
    - core: ShowStacks now works for player's debuffs too
    The unit must be set to "enemy" for this.

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