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    Aug 4, 2016
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 7.0.3


    - mage: add a rule for Heating Up
    - paladin: rule for Power of the Silver Hand
    Display only timer for the build-up and timer and border for the spender
    buff. Untested
    - paladin: add a rule for Light's Hammer
    - paladin: add some rules for protection
    Blessing of Spellwarding
    Avenger's Shield Interrupt for non-players' casts
    - priest: show Atonement on Plea and Power Word: Radiance only
    Both don't have other effects associated.
    Also exclude Share in the Light
    - priest: add GetPlayerDebuff to the list of globals
    This is really annoying
    - priest: add some rules for shadow
    - rogue: update for assassination
    Exclude Surge of Toxins, From the Shadows, Blood of the Assassinated and
    - warlock: add UnitName to the list of globals
    - rogue: show combo points on spenders
    - warlock: add some rules for demonology
    - warlock: add a rule for Soul Effigy
    - core: add UnitName to the safe environment
    - warlock: add some rules for destruction
    - warrior:  prevent division by zero in the rule for Execute
    - shaman: add some more totems
    Only show totem duration and no border as some totems have associated
    auras without duration that will draw the border

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