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tag 1.9.7
Rainrider <rainrider.wow@gmail.com>
2016-02-14 23:59:29 +0100

Pick up LPS changes


    - Travis: move the build to Ubuntu Trusty
    This resolves the issue with luabitop.
    -y argument is needed.
    Erlang has problem on travis' new infrastructure, that's why the switch
    to C
    - Fix travis CI
    Also added a gitter.im webhook
    - Changed invert to highlight
    Coloured borders are called highlights everywhere in the code. So, I
    think this is the most logical wording for showing missing auras with
    coloured borders.
    - Some small changes to missing auras highlights for consistency
    - Fix for highlight texture after masque toggle
    After selecting a non default texture, toggling the Masque button on and
    off resulted in showing the default texture.
    - Fix for disabling texture selection box
    When enabling Masque support the texture selection box did not get
    disabled previously.
    - Fix for overlay size
    After unticking the masque toggle, selecting a different overlay texture
    resulted in oversized overlays.
    - Added additional methods for showing missing Auras; as a hint or a flash. Changed configuration options for spells. The inverted toggle was removed. A dropdown list for selecting the method for missing auras was added instead. This includes none, inverted, hint and flash. Added logic for the promote toggle to be only applicable for the none and inverted methods. I doesn't make sense for the hint and flash methods. Added some code to upgrade saved variables.
    - A quick change to get tests working
    - A quick change to get tests working

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