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tag 1.9.4
Rainrider <rainrider.wow@gmail.com>
2015-06-28 22:44:58 +0200

Tagging version 1.9.4


    - Bump the toc
    - items: make the rules for consumable items only consider the player
    See https://github.com/Adirelle/AdiButtonAuras/issues/185
    - rules: optimize the raid buffs rule a bit
    - rules: better localization for the raid buffs rules
    - rules: exclude BURST_HASTE from the raid buffs rule
    Those are better handled through the bloodlust rule in common.lua
    - rules: add Netherwinds to the Bloodlust rule
    - fix some event name
    - monk: show Zen Meditation while being channeled
    - rules: add Drums of Fury to the Bloodlust rule
    - rules: fix DRData inclusion
    - config: upvalue unpack
    - config: list all spells and items in the Debug section
    The "Spells" tab is now called "Rules"
    - config: sort the spells in the Debug panel and display the total number of rules
    - monk: Elusive Brew has 15 stacks max
    - docs: add .maxCount to the Rules documentation
    - core: fix showing the stack count
    Fixes https://github.com/Adirelle/AdiButtonAuras/issues/167
    - Allow for coloring the count text when stacks reach their maximum
    - docs: only create the main page on wowace
    The rest does not look very pretty there.
    - docs: fix some links
    - docs: don't use h4 tags
    h4 tags are not styled on curse.com and are barely distinguishable on
    - docs: some more improvements
    - deathknight: and also a case of bad indentation
    Maybe I need to run the tests locally first. Just maybe
    - deathknight: fix the incidental removal of L from the global list
    - deathknight: add GetPlayerDebuff to the list of globals
Jason Greer:
    - Update hosted on github.com link

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