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tag 1.8.5
Adirelle <adirelle@gmail.com>
2014-11-29 10:00:07 +0100

Various Hunter, Druid and Monk updates. Fixed user rules.


    - Added an option to display spell and item identifiers in tooltips.
    - UserRules: fixed them.
    Should fix GH-113.
    - Druid: removed Eclipse energy display, again.
    Actually not very useful.
    - Druid: fixed Eclipse energy display on Starfire and Wrath.
    Also, do not hint anymore, since the base UI already does it.
    - Monk: split the statue rule in two, so one can disable them separately.
    - Monk: removed Thunder Focus Tea hint.
    It does not work that way anymore.
    - Monk: Dizzying Haze and Vital Mists moved to LPS.
    - Druid: removed balance suggestions.
    - Hunter: suggest using Exotic Munitions.
    - Hunter: do not suggest to call pet to Lone Wolves.
    - Monk: hopefully fixed statue timer.
    Fixes GH-111.
    - Monk: display Chi on Chi Explosion.
    - Typos in RulesRef.md
    - Proof-read RulesRef.md
    - Update RulesRef.md
    - Update README.md
    - Update README.md
    - Paladin: show holy power on Divine Storm and Final Verdict.
    Fixes GH-109.

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