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tag 1.8.4
Adirelle <adirelle@gmail.com>
2014-11-16 22:24:48 +0100

Changed rules about combo points. Fixed shamans' totem. Some bugfixes.


    - Deathknight & hunter: fixed the "call pet" hints.
    - Hopefully fixed totem rules.
    See GH-107.
    - Consider "nil" as an valid value for highlight.
    Fixes GH-106.
    - Fixed the LibSharedMedia callback.
    Fixes GH-99.
    - Was still referencing 3 globals directly.
    - Fixed globals.
    - Druid: split the combopoint rule in two: one to display the count, the other to flash.
    - Reworked the handling of user rules.
    Should fix #104.
    - Pass a validating model proxy to the handlers.
    - Fixed declaration of HIGHLIGHT_MEDIATYPE.
    - Only show totem data on the action matching the totem name returning by GetTotemInfo.
    This is an attempt to handle Shaman's Totemic Persistence talent properly; see GH-88.
    - Removed dead callback.
    - Refresh fonts on LibSharedMedia_SetGlobal and LibSharedMedia_Registered.
    See GH-99.
    - Rogue: separated combo point display from flash.
    Some combo point consumer apply a buff or debuff. The rules have been separated to avoid overriding the aura display with the flash.

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