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Supported WoW Versions

  • 5.4.8


    - Warlock: moved Havoc suggestion in another rule.
    Fixes GH-47.
    - Allow "print()" in user rules for debugging purpose.
    - Added a class restriction to user rules.
    - README update.
    - DK: fixed Soul Reaper target.
    - Slightly improved the "user rules" panel, again.
    - Improved the "user rules" panel.
    - Enhanced the debug panel.
    - Reorganised sources into smaller files.
    - Changed file layout.
    - User-defined rules.
    - Fixes GH-53.
    - Update Rules.textile
    - Update RulesRef.md
    - Fixed aura iterators.
    - Experimental aura cache and accessors.
    This should avoid "seq-scanning" the auras several times to find specific player auras.
    UnitAura is not accessible in rules but there are specific accessors, e.g. GetPlayerBuff(unit, id), IterateDebuffs(unit), ...
    - Tidied up allowed globals in rule snippets.
    - Renamed highlight textures to be more descriptive.
    Fixes GH-45.
    - Fixed a typo in Config.lua
    - Added an option to select the highlight texture.
    - Fixed RuleDSL.lua globals.
    - Moved the environment builder in its own file.
    - Moved more functions into Utils.lua
    - Removed dead code.
    - Added font options in a theme panel.
    Also moved the color options in this new panel.
    Fixes GH-50.
    - Display the source of item rules.
    - Display the internal "key" of unknown spell/item.
    - Rewritten item support so item rules can be shown and disabled.
    - Borders
    10 border images.
    - Fixes GH-51.
    - Removed a spammy debug line.
    - Fixed a table leak related to items.
    - Fixed logic error in buff count tracker
    - Reworked how the hint option affects display during spell cooldown and out of combat.
    May affect GH-47.
    - Messing with InterfaceOptionsFrame_OpenToCategory again.
    Hopefully fixes GH-41.
    - Common rules: ignore pets when checking raid buffs.
    Fixes GH-46.
    - Whitespace fixes in Druid.lua
    - Load all rules in debug mode, to check them all.
    - Copyright bump.
    - Hardened the running environment of rule snippets.
    - I love you too, Textile markup.
    - Fixed README markup.
    - Workaround Blizzard option panel bug.
    Fixes GH-41.
    - Updated the README file.
    - Locales updated.
    - English Corrections.
    Some minor spelling and language tweaks so the descriptions are easier
    to understand.
    - Fixed Feral Clear casting. Issue #30.
    This time not touching the file using the web interface.  :smirk:
    - Fixed GH-37.
    - Docs updated.
    - Whenever possible, append a reference to the source in the description of the rule.
    LPS-<class>-<patch>-<revision>: LibPlayerSpells-1.0.
    DR-<minor>: DRData-1.0.
    LSB-<minor>: LibSpellbook-1.0.
    LD-<minor>: LibDispellable-1.0.
    - Updated the localization.
    - Config: added an option to select how to display the suggestions.
    Closes GH-38.
    - Common: improved the description of the raid buff rule.
    Fixes GH-34.
    - Common: ignore dead group members in the count of missing raid buffs.
    - Improved the content of the tooltips in configuration mode.

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