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tag 1.0-beta-18
Adirelle <adirelle@gmail.com>
2013-12-11 09:32:51 +0100

A lot of new goodies.


    - Use a dedicated frame to watch the mouseover unit.
    This allows a more reactive behavior when leaving the mouseover unit.
    - Added :IsDeclaredMessage, that allows to get rid of an ugly hack in Overlays.lua
    - Overlays: fixed a typo which prevented mouseover to work.
    - RuleDSL: added a human-readable string for "hint" highlight.
    - Common: typo in raidbuff handler.
    - Monk: suggests Uplift on three time the nominal heal (up from 2).
    - Druid: show hints on Starfire/Wrath depending on eclipse direction.
    - Monk: do not hint unglyphed Mana Tea.
    - Common rules: looks for raid buff on every group members. Report the number of missing buffs.
    - Monk: simplified the conditions of Mana Tea hint.
    - Monk: fixed Renewing Mist highlight and hint.
    - Made the "hint" animation a little bit more visible.
    - .pkgmeta typo.
    - Monk: display hints for Mana Tea, Renewing Mist, Thunder Focus Tea and Uplift.
    - Display: add a new feedback: "hint".
    Used for suggestions.
    Do not show out of combat or when the spell is on cooldown.
    - Display: use a pool and a factory to manage flash overlays.
    - Monk: merged the Mistweaver plugin into base monk rules.
    There is almost no gain to keep it separated.
    - Moved the configuration into a load-on-demand addon.
    - Rules/Common: fixed UnitCanAttack error.
    - RuleDSL: fixed nil concatenation error.
    - RuleDSL: fixed nil concatenation error.
    - Use check buff with identifier instead of name even for single buffs.
    Some classes have different buffs with different effects, depending on specialization, but the same name.
    - One can now pass a spell link to the slash command to configure it.
    - Fixed the slash command to open configuration panels.
    - RuleDSL: merge IfSpell into AddRuleFor and Configure.
    This allows a centralized, better handling of provider spells.
    - Debug: enhanced rule debugging prefix.
    - RuleDSL: fixed the exclusion conditions of ImportPlayerSpells.
    - Monk: do not show the stacks of Tigereye and Elusive Brew.
    - RuleDSL: removed ItemSelfBuffs, unused.
    - Overlays: added .group to unitEvents.
    - Overlays: only listen to MOUSEOVER_CHANGED if @mouseover appears in the conditionals.
    - Overlays: can now listen to messages, in addition to events, for updating.
    - Overlays: unregister all messages on action update.
    - Defined addon.RULES_UPDATED to use in place of addonName..'_RulesUpdated'.

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