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    Nov 30, 2013
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tag 1.0-beta-13
Adirelle <adirelle@gmail.com>
2013-11-30 16:35:13 +0100

More configuration options.


    - Added missing localized strings.
    - When importing from LibPlayerSpells, filter out exepctions from the list of modified spells.
    - Fixed the filter for PassiveModifier.
    - Change the rule description when no highlight is done.
    - Plugged the rule checkboxes to the backend so one can now disable specific rules for a spell.
    - Config: added an spell option to promote border highlight to flash.
    - Do apply the "No flash in cooldown" option.
    - Added rule descriptions so they can be listed on the configuration panel.
    - Send errors raised during rule compilation to debug in addition to standard error.
    - Send missing locales to debug instead of erroring.
    - Removed the obsolete IfClass helper.
    - More locals, less globals.
    - Added an option to disable flashing animation on actions in cooldown.
    - Added an option to invert the highlight of a spell.
    - Use a specific border texture to obtain a more visible highlight.

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