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    Nov 8, 2013
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 5.4.1


    - Added an informative panel in the addon configuration panels.
    - Druid: highlights combo point spenders at 5 combo points.
    - Druid: have Swiftmend flashes when Soul of the Forest (restoration) is active.
    - Druid: do not show Rejuvenation/Regrowth on Swiftmend anymore.
    - Do not overwrite "flash" highlight with anything else.
    - Druid: highlight Nourish in combat in the mastery buff is missing.
    - Do not error if an item link is not found.
    - Some item related fixes.
    - Priest: mark Guardian Spirit and Pain Suppression as shared though their are not.
    - Added support for stance bar and pet action buttons.
    - Show Evangelism stacks on Archangel.
    - Try to show Bloodlust on Drums of Rage.
    - Fixed some callLevels.
    - Display Clearcasting on Regrowth, Wrath and Healing Touch.
    - Fixed rule registration.
    - Typos.
    - First attempt at handling items.
    - Try to be more accurate when reporting rule errors.
    Systematically uses error instead of assert and passes a callLevel around.
    - Warn the user about unsupported classes.
    - Removed some dead code.
    - Do not error when an unitid cannot be resolved.
    - Typo.
    - Added Bloodlust buffs and debuffs.
    - Updated priest spells.
    - Handlers returned by BuildAuraHandler_* return true when an aura has been found.
    Also expose all three builders.
    - First try for priest spells.
    - Added two new highlight type: darken and lighten.
    - Properly handle PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD.
    - Smart handling of ShowPower threhold.
    - No need to alter warlocks' aura (in demon form) since we already show the self buff.
    - Spit an useful error message on missing event handler.
    - Updated Rules.textile
    - Fixed leaking mouseover timers.

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