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    Nov 3, 2013
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 5.4.1


    - Watch mouseover centrally and send messages when needed.
    - Reworked rules internals and some definitions to use the unit map.
    - Heavily reworked overlays so they can track both ally and enemy at the same time.
    - Fixed a bug where blizzardSupportPrototype:GetAction() returned only one value.
    - Use our own event handler for overlays.
    - Removed 3rd return value of GetActionSpell.
    - Do not consider "" as a real macro conditional.
    - Reworked addon:UPDATE_MOUSEOVER_UNIT().
    Now sends a message when the mapping changes.
    - Reworked addon:UpdateDynamicUnitConditionals().
    It nows send a message when the conditionals are changed.
    - "default" unit does not exist anymore.
    - Memoize does not spit error when passed nil.
    - Reworked initialization.
    - Fixed AceEvent embedding.
    - Switched to AceEvent-3.0.
    - Moved things around again and create two subclasses for Blizzard and LAB buttons.
    - Fixes and normalizes macro conditionals.
    - Renamed lots of methods and functions.
    Also moved some code around.
    - Properly handle "target=" and "modifier:" macro conditions.
    - Updated rule API documentation.
    - First version of the Rule API documentation.
    - Renamed Spells.lua to RuleDSL.lua and Definitions.lua to Rules.lua
    - Fixed TOC metas.

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