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tag v1.8.0-beta
Adirelle <adirelle@gmail.com>
2014-12-07 10:39:55 +0100

Revamped all the layout and its update. Replaced AceEvent & AceBucket by home-brew implementations.


    - Changed the default column widths.
    - Enable the "N" when they are items in the "recent items" button.
    - Fixed an error happening in NewItemTracking when updating the buttons.
    - Renamed the "to sort" section to "recent items", and assign new items to it.
    - Properly resize the "to sort" section.
    - Changed the range and step of the width configuration slider.
    - NewItems: properly clear the highlight when clicking the "N" button.
    - Do not force a full layout on new items.
    - Properly resize the sections on acquire/when empty.
    - Stack normally-non-stackable items by their ids.
    - Container: do not existing button to the "to sort" section.
    - NewItems: made the "new item" flag item-based and persistent.
    - Container: never show free slots in "to sort".
    - Container: the "to sort" section is now sticky.
    - Container: properly show/hide/resize the "to sort" section.
    - Container: promote "UpdateButtons" to "FullUpdate" if self.forceLayout is true.
    - containerProto:RedispatchAllItems is now independant of UpdateButtons.
    - Properly update the two ends of the ItemButton-Section association.
    - Tweaked the column-splitting algorithm.
    - Fixed the [S]ort button.
    - Fixed the reagent tab switching.
    - Removed a bunch of now-useless event handlers.
    - R.I.P. "automatic layout" setting.
    - Refactored the layout process.
    - Typo.
    - Layout: strictly respect the section ordering.
    - EventHandlers: return a string handle based on the received table.
    - EventHandlers: return a string handle based on the received table.
    - Fixed error in EventHandlers.lua line 92.
    - Updated the tooltips of the [D]eposit and [S]ort buttons.
    - Do not autodeposit when a modifier key is pressed while talking to the banker.
    Fixes #229.
    - Right-click now properly moves items to the reagent bank when it is shown.
    - Refactored then event bucketing lib.
    - Fixed the error in EventHandlers.lua line 123.
    - Replaced AceEvent-3.0 and AceBucket-3.0 by an homebrew implementation.
    - Column-based layout.

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