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Supported WoW Versions

  • 3.3.3


    - Cosmetics.
    - Extract some localized item strings using Blizzard API.
    - Various small tweaks on section layout.
    - Order sections by total available space instead of number of items.
    - Fixed the priority of the ItemCategory filter.
    - Added AceGUI and AceConfig as externals.
    - Added a first batch of options.
    - README updated.
    - Added some tooltip on bag header widgets.
    - Fixed TidyBags.
    - Merged and moved some files.
    - Tidied module enable/disable code.
    - Added a module to tidy bag contents.
    - Added an API to inject a widget in bag header bar.
    - Postpone any button update while the container is being updated.
    - New item tracking ported to the new modular system.
    - Each bag is now handled by a specific module, that adds a level of abstration above container frames.
    Made name-search a module.
    - Added bag anchoring so one can move the bags, using LibMovable-1.0.
    - Typo.
    - Cache slot data to allow a better tracking of stack size changes in addition to item changes.
    - Added LibDataBroker-1.1 as a git submodule.
    - Prepared for wowace packaging.
    - Try to put the "New" section at top of the bag and the "Free space" section at bbottom; the section layout code may ignore this though.
    - Fixed search item issue where some buttons weren't updated.
    - Added a filter for the new items.
    - Added a button per bag to reset the new status.
    - Scan player inventory to avoid tagging items as new when changing equipment.
    - Cosmetic tweak to new item glow.
    - "New item" feature tweak.
    - Fixed a "comparing number with nil" error.
    - Added "new item" feature. Also got rid of useless "event" arguments.
    - Overhauled filter system; now every filter is a submodule.
    - Hopefully fixed "addon blocked" errors; cosmetic changes.
    - Use AceEvent messaging to propagate bag updates.
    Filters can provide a list of events to listen to; bags are updated when these events are received.
    - Hopefully fixed issues with bank generic buttons.
    - Added missing localized string.
    - Almost fixed bank generic button handling.
    - Fixed a typo on filter name.
    - Force layout update when a section is emptied.
    - Fixed various errors.
    - Disable the built-in bank frame.
    - Say goodbye to the bank NPC when the bank bag is closed.
    - Typo.
    - Added localization.
    - Fixed method name.
    - Have virtual item stacks working.
    - Use a factor of 100 to build internal slotId; it's far easier to debug.
    - Moved code around, added comments.
    - Properly release empty section.
    Also stop reacting to BAG_UPDATE during equipment set switching.
    - Do not try to position new buttons when the layout will refreshed anyway.
    - Hide frame before calling :OnRelease to reduce visual glitchs.
    - Gave OO some love.
    - Brand new layout code, which behaves nicely when moving items around.
    - Added a tooltip to the equipped bag toggle.
    - Cosmetic.
    - Fixed bag slot size and ids.
    - Added a button to bags to toggle the bag slot panel.
    - Updated the datasource icon.
    - Added bag slot panels.
    - Reuse Blizzard code to handle item cooldown.
    - Fixed armor and weapon ordering.
    - Optimized layout.
    - Baggins-like section layout.
    - Added section separators (yet not widgets).
    - Added an incomplete filtering system.
    - Minor layout tweaks.
    - Fixed datasource free space display.
    - Fixed item sorting error.
    - Added "highlight by name" feature.
    - Added icons for each item family.
    - Added item/free slot stacking.
    - Added a LDB data source.
    - Fixed quality color display.
    - Fixed UI hooking so bags are opened and closed at right times.
    - Added a close button and a title. Enhanced item sorting.
    - Show a tag on slot from special bags (Soul, Quiver, ...).
    - Sort items.
    - Fixed bank background color.
    - Have the bag backdrop catchs mouse events.
    - Fixed issue with empty bank slots.
    - Fixed bank bag position.
    - Fixed item layout.
    - Fixed empty slot display.
    Fixed quality highlighting.
    - Fixed ContainerFrame BAG_UPDATE handling. Also propagates it to buttons.
    - Do not forget to define the ID of the button parent frames.
    - Fixed frame parenting show items are properly hidden when a bag is closed.
    - First drycoded version.

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